Saturday, 18 December 2010

Project UFO: The Phillip J. Roth Files

Rapid Exchange

When high tech thieves Ketchum and Brooks are out trumped by rivals, seeking to steal a nine million dollar sceptre from a museum, they have disgruntled employer Lance Henriksen to answer to. He reacts by giving them the opportunity to work off the loss incurred by making them part of a select criminal crew, with a far loftier assignment involving millions of dollars. Star Lorenzo Lamas and Matt O’Toole go from being Hudson Hawk (1991) partners in crime to sky jacking wing men , in a daring heist of a governmental 747 transporting a multi million dollar money cargo.

The slick production values are immediately and rewardingly evident as is the quirky nature of the unravelling events, all snappily edited together under the stylish Direction of Tripp Reed.

The audacious heist is planned down to the finest of detail, akin to a Reservoir 'Sky' Dogs. Colourful in character if not in names the eclectic crew each have their own individual skill they bring to the collective table. The presence of team leader Daltry is a moot one for Ketchum and Brooks though as there is a distrusting history between them. Daltry is the consummate thief who thrills in the high life of a criminally recompensed playboy lifestyle, founded off looking out for number one. Reliant on team work but with so much to gain can they all rely upon each other to see the job through to completion !?.

It is with Mission Impossible (1996) smartness that they work their way aboard the aircraft with all manner of disguises and clever ingratiation. Lorenzo Lamas is clearly relaxed in his role and having the most fun since freely allowed to roam the byways in his heyday as televisions Renegade. Starlet Aviva Gale also stands out as the very cute young lady thief Sophie, a choice role for a cute face and a personality to watch out for in the future.

The excitement value takes off with the bodacious retrieval unit of operations riding the undetectable slipstream behind the 747 in their own jet. The hook up between the two planes is a neat sequence to behold and one which is cleverly played out, as the special effects crew get to deliver a thrilling visual. James Bond meets Air Force One (1997) in an exciting transfer of Ketchum, Brooks and companions from jet to jumbo without the aid of a safety net.

Aboard the plane both parties work their way into the code locked on board vault with an ingenuity that is seldom thought out for a major Hollywood Blockbuster let alone a low budget gem such as this. Without any force the industrious crooks outsmart the on board treasury guard whilst in uninterrupted flight, and even forgo the on board tutorial detailing safe exit ways as they bag the swag to jump ship. With the alarm raised though and old scores resurfaced its time to find out who jumps first and who jumps farthest. There’s a very well paced twist or two before the final pay off, as Rapid Exchange proves to be another first class production from the Unified Film Organisation studio.

Movie Rating: 7/10

Review Paul Cooke / Source Region 1 NTSC DVD

Rapid Exchange (2003)

Director Tripp Reed
With Lorenzo Lamas, Lance Henriksen, Aviva Gale,
Matt O’Toole & Wayne Pere


  1. EXCELLENT!!!! I love to see these "lost" (to me) reviews. Ah, good times...

  2. Yes indeed, during our Golden Era of the HHQ. The UFO Stable was out of the world for Entertainment. If only Mr. Roth would have returned our calls eh.
    This is a Big Fun one DZ, did you get around to seeing ?. Now if only they could squeeze one more Alien Interceptors with Olivier Gruner for a trio of Cool Sci Fi satifiers. Angel Boris along for the ride as well, natch.

  3. Remember watching this awhile ago. Thought it was entertaining. Nice to see a good review for it.

  4. Thanks Ty. It's one of those movies that pops up on mid evening TV & people tune in & stay with, feeling they have been entertained without any prior judgments tarnishing their viewing preferences.
    The cast works well here also & credit to Phillip J. Roth for producing another low budget quality entertainer.