Sunday, 13 November 2011

Ebay VHS Goodness

Ebay Auction VHS Movies
(November 2011)

Pre-Christmas VHS Crackers up for Auction, and what a surprise package to be pulled, with nary a Turkey in sight :) .

Japanese VHS Originals, Greek Rarities and some UK PAL video Action flicks from the glorious Eighties. There's The Good, The So Bad They're Good, and the Ugly ducklings that to some are Swans in disguise, resplendent in their goofiness, absurd and downright fabulous :) .

Please do check out some of the Original cover art from titles on offer, and as always these are true scans of what are actually being offered in the Auction.

Explosive Eighties Action !. From the Karl Landgren lunge to the Maurizio Merli slap down. Gung Ho Goodness, Post Apocalyptic Fantasy & Brutal Spaghetti Western rareness, to politcally incorrect Euro / Italian Seventies Crime flicks, all looking for a good home at a fair price.

Thank you in advance to all who take the time to check the Auctions out, and a Huge Thank You particularly to those that place a bid.

Good luck, and hopefully there is something for all who stop by the Ebay express :) .

Thank You