Thursday 3 May 2018

GRIZZLED ! Nature Fights Back...BIG Time

'The Peng-Ultimate Big Game Predator'

A New Creature Feature / Mutant Monster Movie Production 
From Writer / Director Rycke Foreman

Readying To Be Unleashed To The Big Screen Early 2019


Hearken back, if you will, to those halcyon days of movie matinee monster flicks & late night double bill creature feature / horror movies, you know the ones as a kid where your cool dad would tell you not to let on to your mum that you were allowed to stay up and watch ! 

The stylish Seventies silliness and the Eighties Action Greats. When nature fought back & mutant monsters ran amok. Movies like, Night Of The Lepus (1972), Phase IV (1974), Jaws (1975), Bug (1975), The Food Of The Gods (1976), Day Of The Animals (1977), and one of my all time personal favourite nature bites back, man poisons the environment features, Prophecy (1979).

Well, fellow fan and all round 'B' movie loving, writer / film maker, good guy Rycke Foreman has been working his natures knee to the nut sack off to bring back the very best of all things gone Wild In The Country. Fear not, he isn't bringing us a horror remake of the 1961 Elvis Presley vehicle, although Elvis squaring off against an army of reanimated peanut butter & deep fried banana addicted killer squirrels will now be forever Always On My Mind ! Maybe one for the future ? Right now though Rycke wants to bring us ... GRIZZLED !

GRIZZLED ! is a love letter and semi spoofing satire of the nature run amok genre, particularly inspired by those wonderful schlock horror releases from the Seventies, and a spritzer infused dumb fun dose of Airplane & Airplane II from the early Eighties. Rycke's fully realised script is about three forest rangers and a grizzled hunter, thrown together in a monstrous game of cat and mouse with a giant mutant penguin, as they attempt to rescue the President's lost daughter on the 4th July.

What the Elmer Fudd ! So this is a modern day mutant monster movie about a King Penguin ?!
Yes indeed, but it's a Big F**KING PENGUIN !!! The Biggest WMD threat of all. A Wingless Mass of Destruction, looking to waddle its way into the memorable annals of all things great about creature feature, mutant monster movies that we have all come to know and love down the years. A re-watchable, smile to the face schlock horror satire, infused with blood & thunder, aimed at a teen / adult audience.

Rycke is looking to deliver a Million dollar movie on a quarter to half a million dollar budget.Putting all the money into the movie itself, showing it up on the screen, and giving us the fans, and patron paying public, value for money, along with an after movie friends and family proud call to action cry of, 'Go see GRIZZLED !, NOW !'

To get this done, in the very best possible way, for us, Rycke also needs us ! GRIZZLED ! is currently slated to begin filming for 3-4 weeks this August 2018, with a pre-production period of about 8-10 weeks. For the biggest and most bad arsed version of Grizzled ! to get made though Rycke is seeking our assistance by way of extra cash generation through Crowd Funding.

A Kickstarter page has gone live and will remain so through until June 8th 2018. Please do check out the link that follows here & find out even more about this 'Funtastic' project, as well as more information about Rycke himself.

Please do give GRIZZLED ! any & all support that you are able to in order for Rycke to bring us, the fans, a good old school slice of Seventies / Eighties style proper schlock horror, creature feature Goodness, that we have been far too long starved of.

A Kickstarter contribution is not only very welcome and so very much greatly appreciated by Rycke & his film making team, but also offers many great rewards for backers of the movie. The perfect feel good factor relationship between film makers and film investors.

Just like John J. Rambo, all Rycke really wants is for fans to love his film project as much as he loves it ! And for GRIZZLED ! to get made Rycke is gonna need a bigger scope to shoot the movie he wants, and we deserve.

Remember the ecological disaster / nature turns on man fear feature, Frogs (1972) ? Let it then with our help, inspirationally spawn ... GRIZZLED !

GRIZZLED ! ain't no Turkey. Cross this big angry bird and you'll be all outta Pluck !

So go get you some GRIZZLED ! Goodness ...

May The Farce Be With You

GRIZZLED ! Coming Soon ...

''To Give Humanity The BIG Bird !''


On Behalf Of Rycke Foreman &
 Ballistic Blood Bullets