Sunday 31 October 2010

Deep'C' Movie Monster Mayhem

The Rig

‘‘It’s here for food, it likes to kill us’’

Deep sea oil rig, old school monster rampage, Roger Corman style ‘B’ movie schlock hits straight to rental and the late night channels with a worth checking out sticker that should tweak your interest.

When a team of oil drillers rupture the oceans bed, a purple gas emits, and something the size of pop prancing Prince is set free. A fleeting glimpse of a fast moving unidentifiable ‘thing’ gives the briefest of chills, spewed out of its icy sea lair, free to feed in a larger pool !.

Topside a bad storm is brewing and in line with company protocol all non essential crew get air lifted off the rig, back to shore until things settle back down to normal. Something altogether else, however, comes onto the rig, up out of the ocean, despite the rampaging storm. The forecast ahead for the remaining crew looks bleak !.

The familiar hard edged features of movie regular William Forsythe heads up the rig. His on screen daughter Carey is one of the essential rig members that stays behind, and along with her fellow crew member, and love interest Dobbs, they with a handful of others must fight off the elements and a far more ferocious cousin of The Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954).

Surreptitiously slipping onto the rig, and furtively fillet of fish slitting through the crew like a Freddy Krueger killing machine amp’d up on Omega 3. It’s all thrills, gills and kills as this three quarter sized humanoid amphibian fish creature sticks to the shadows of the rigs lower level dwellings, revealing itself at the last moment before striking with lethal efficiency. Some pretty gory moments are on display, from bone displaying neck breaking, colourfully spiced up with an arterial spurting of blood sauce, to gut wrenching full on intestinal spillage. This light framed, black skinned, tough scaled sea humanoid is a butchers knife on legs and it knows how to prime cut and flay !.

It’s all hands on deck in order to survive, and the handful of crew left still alive must pull together, grab anything that resembles a weapon, and use their combined wits in order to fight back. With communications to the mainland down due to the storm, they have to somehow get through the bad weather and pray that daylight comes to them before their darkest fear confronts them first !.

The sub mariner species has found itself a new prey and source of nutrition, and the rig is like a human sushi restaurant to it. This human species is however sentient, and armed with steel pipes, harpoon and an old military issue hand gun this is one form of designated food stock that repeats on its potential consumer.

The Rig may not provide anything particularly new in the don’t mess with nature, monster unleashed sea of creature features, but for old style ‘B’ movie fishy Fun its in a school that more than a few will favourably fathom.

Movie Rating: 5/10

Review Paul Cooke / Source Region 1 NTSC DVD

The Rig (2010)

Director Peter Atencio
With William Forsythe, Serah D’Laine,
Scott Martin, Carmen Perez, Dennis LaValle,
Marcus T. Paulk, Dan Benson & Art LaFleur

Saturday 9 October 2010

Luke Goss Vamps It Up In ...

The Dead Undead

‘‘Relax Honey, we’re the good guys’’

Modern day vampires, suckling off a civilised restricted diet of animal blood, become infected with a 21st century contamination equivalent of mad cows disease. The super fast degenerative affect turns them into Vamped up versions of excommunicated bad boy sprinter Ben Johnson, and Zack Snyder’s take on George A. Romero’s living dead. Amped up, running speed Zombie Vampires with a sadistic involuntary urge to feast on anything that lives, including their alter Vampire brethren. They become referred to as ZV’S … Zombie Vampires !.

Former pop boy band singer Luke Goss heads up an elite group of counter ZV commandos to stem the contamination, and contain the Zombie Vampire outbreak in a rural area, in order to stop the infestation of psycho blood suckers reaching the mass populated cities of America and beyond !.

Goss plays Jack, a seasoned vet trained in the art of weapons and warfare, one of the very best at what he does. He should be though, as he has had centuries to hone his skills. Jack is himself a Vampire !. One of the pioneers of living the new way, integrating with regular human society, and through the decades giving others the opportunity to follow. At the most desperate of times, and most prevalently at the juncture of deaths door, upon the field of battle, he appears to offer life … after death !. Those with a valiant code of honour rise once more to stand at Jack’s side, and continue the good battle against the evils of the new world.

The movie begins pretty much throwing its cast, and viewing audience, right into the thick end of a war of Vampires vs. Vampires. Five early twenty something friends, made up of three girls and two guys, are beginning their vacation, and on route hit car trouble on the back road of sparse-ville USA. With night time closing in on them they seek refuge in a seemingly deserted motel. As darkness envelopes outside the five friends soon realise that they are not alone. A room at this remote motel seems to endorse dead and breakfast !.

Creatures of the night befall upon the terrified young folk as they are forced to defend themselves against monstrosities hungering for their flesh and blood. Help arrives in the form of Jack and his small unit of ageless commandos, each honed in fighting skills born out through the passages of time. Nothing speaks the universal language of finality better than the modern dispatchers of ill doers than guns and swords. Jack and his timeless team have plenty of both, and the seasoned ability to deliver lethal strikes from all quarters. Torn from the vaunted valleys of Valhalla are star crossed Viking lovers Aries and Gabrielle, along with a Vietnam war veteran and a vengeance taking six shooter from the Old West. All are part of Jack’s flock of second chance souls, reborn to continue the fight against the dark denizens of the Earth.

The Action spurts forth as regular as the copious amounts of blood letting as the five friends are all but killed. A feisty female survives this night time ordeal, along with another male traveller, separated from his wife during another attack by the miscreants of the night. They hook up with Jack and his band of buccaneers to continue the fight against the pernicious blood suckers, in spite of the revelation of what their saviours truly are themselves !.

It’s good to get embroiled here, as a viewer, with The Dead Undead, and refreshing to get swept up in the silliness of yet another take of the Zombie / Dead lore. You can’t help but raise eyebrows, and develop a grin of delirious dumbfoundedness, at the audaciousness of the writer / director team of Edward Conna and Matthew R. Anderson as they serve up their own take on the tried and tested necessities in despatching the living dead. Here The Dead Undead scripture is clear, destroy the brain completely, sever the spinal cord, or expose to direct sunlight in order to kill.

Anyone carry about an industrial sized microwave to save on the physical stuff !?.

Look out for a never too late very welcome cameo from Vernon Wells as an old school get the job done vampire storm trooper with a swagger. He brings added blood to this ‘vein’ attraction, and his welcomed reunion with Jack leaves the casket open for a fun sequel should The Dead Undead live up to patron expectation.

The plague of the ZV’S becomes a real cause of threat to the territories outside of the localised canyon that the good vampires fight to contain and even Jack needs help. His trusting earlier saved female cohort recognises that he requires a blood boost to invigorate his system, and restore him to his true mantle of a super vampire. The danger of even for a moment turning back to the ways of his violent past is something that she has not had time to fully appreciate, and by his own self imposed restraint Jack would not knowingly resort to !.

Prepare for a fang filled finale as Jack discovers the ZV’S main lair and the legions of the un-dead come for him, and those that still stand by his side. It’s time for the likeably cool hand Luke Goss to call on his Bros one more time, and to belt out a mighty hit that sets the Cat Amongst The Pigeons.

Movie Rating: 6/10

Review Paul Cooke

The Dead Undead (2010)

Director Matthew R. Anderson & Edward Conna
With Luke Goss, Laura Kenley,
Joshua Alba, Matthew R. Anderson, Cameron Goodman,
Lance Frank, Luke LaFontaine,
Brandon Molale, Spice Williams-Crosby,
Vernon Wells & Forrest J. Ackerman