Sunday 30 January 2011

Indonesian Biblical Brawn ...

La Revanche De Samson
aka Revenge Of Samson

A body building Mr. Australia runner up plays the lead role of Samson, in a hair brained rib tickler of bizarrely biblical proportions from the wonderfully idiosyncratic Indonesians. With the sun shining, Paul Hay makes the most of his given opportunity to bathe in the glory of cinematic cult hood, alongside the queen of Indonesian screen horror Suzzanna, in the role of Delilah.

Samson toils the land and trains his body and mind with his elder physical and spiritual guru. Harnessing great strength and amazing agility Samson is able to break boulders with his bare hands, split rock faces in two and pull trees out of the ground to their very roots.
The time comes for Samson to undertake a journey of discovery and upon his path he soon comes upon the exotic and opulently apparelled Delilah. Her horse and carriage out of control, Samson steps in to assist her and their tale of destiny begins. She is a lady of the gentry and her father is shortly thereafter revealed as being the governor of the province, and a powerful oppressor of the poor with the might of the military behind him. Samson has traversed into this larger world from his own, where he quickly encounters the evil and avarice for wealth and power of man.

The mean spirited might of the military is unleashed with some regularity upon the hard working and humble villagers. The soldiers usurp their position with intimidation and forceful might, beating the men and assaulting the women. His own family brutally slaughtered before his very own eyes as just a small boy, by the corrupt and villainous hierarchy, Samson’s time to fight back and take a stand for the villagers is now !.
A great display of strength and mobility up against a far greater number of men gives the villagers reason for hope in the deliverance of a hero and saviour. Samson’s bravado cannot overcome the overwhelming number of soldiers however and it is only the intervention of Delilah that pardons his precocious indiscretion against the odds. Detained at her pleasure Samson is bound and whipped at her very own hand. Inherently she desires him, yet her proclivity for inflicting pain is as intrinsic as her need for reciprocal pleasure.

Samson uses his wits to escape and with his flight of freedom he takes Delilah, against her will. His intention is to show her kindness and gentleness in an attempt to uncover her inner beauty. The life lesson is short lived and Samson sends Delilah back to her all consuming father, who immediately reacts to the deed of abduction by calling upon the services of a fearsome professional mercenary for hire. This is no ordinary hired hand mind you, not in a freakin’ Indonesian movie that’s for darned sure. Punch your purchase ticket for the freak show has arrived, and the journey ahead is an off the rails raucous riot. Enter The Cyclops !. A powerhouse one man army, one single eyed monster of a man. A beast that lives to dispense pain and likely sleeps with his one eye open. Forty winks to him is a sight for sore eye. Along with his two henchmen they storm into the villagers camp to cause upheaval and demand Samson show himself to them. Samson does not disappoint and neither does the Action at this point as the weapons come out, and Samson pumps up his own guns in another mighty show of strength against his challengers. Cyclops steps up with an enormous ball and mace upon a long chain, enabling far reaching swinging carnage to both solid structure and far less forgiving human skin and bone. Combined with a circular bladed shield, replete with sharp spear tipped accoutrements, The Cyclops has a keen eye for carnage. The gauging, slicing and hacking brings forth blood and gore in a showpiece showdown that provides a show reel mini movie in itself to warrant many a rewind moment. Lucky for Samson that just prior to all this he had a warm up session going hand to horns against a full grown Ox, wrestling with it and eventually body slamming in outlandish glee. A gory impaling and a bloody body in two slicing conclude the impropriety of the Cyclops and his cronies.

What a deliriously entertaining piece of high camp entertainment La Revanche De Samson is. Incredible that the films biggest patrons at the time of release were the French, and how very unfortunate that even today the films release is inherently under exposed to a starved world audience. Dark eye make up, dodgy moustaches and garish garments all add to this adult pantomime to gander upon.
Unable to break Samson’s indomitable spirit the governor calls upon the services of another bizarre mercenary. A mystic with great powers and abilities to manipulate the human form into a malleable state, that in demonstration displays some freakish representations of his skills.

Samson has to square up to the mystics embodiment of a nigh on indestructible fighter, who doesn’t know when to quit, even when sliced in half, and disembodied from his lower half leaving his legs to fight on against the disbelieving Samson. It’s almost a runaway success for the mystics man, until Samson once again uses his resourcefulness to get a foot hold on proceedings. There’s plenty of entrails spillage and spurting bloody stumps on show here, all thrown on display with a wry vein of silliness that cannot be taken seriously at all. It’s all outlandish absurdity with a zestful playfulness.

Events turn a little to the dark side as Delilah steps in to seduce Samson and entrap him with her womanly wiles. Intoxicated by her charm in her mobile harem Delilah enacts a perversely stimulating food fetish courtship that must have caused a storm for the Indonesian censors. What transpires is feminine deception on a grand biblical scale in a prophetic enactment, as Samson falls to Delilah’s doctored drink potion. During his state of unconsciousness Samson is shorn of his sinuous locks of hair by her very hand, then without her knowledge he is viciously blinded by her fathers spineless right hand man, gouging his eyes out with his sword blade.

Samson is sent to the mining mills and there left to rot in a life of chained servitude.
Learning of Samson’s fate Delilah is remorseful and shocked at the cruel treatment befallen upon her true love. She secretly visits to comfort him, and to confess her sins and deep sorrow at his pitiful demise. Her fathers military general and right hand man, responsible for the cowardly and despicable castigation of Samson, watches on in the shadows, revelling in the couples despair.
What can possibly save Samson, and escalate his pitiful plight up from the pit of despair not normally so associated with the feel good factor of an Indonesian production !?. Well fear thee not seekers of the subliminally sublime, and anticipators of the insanely beyond possible comprehension in all your wildest dreams, for when Samson calls upon the heavens above for help how the heck can even they justify turning a blind eye to the ocular challenged hero to the people !?.
If you haven’t by this point been completely drawn into the mercurial majesty of this treasure trove of Indonesian insanity then be sure to check yourself into the funny farm for the finale, as it will flabbergast your very fibre and likely turn your brain to mush. What a way to go though.

The resurgence of Samson is brought about by buxom breasts and magical nipples that you’ll definitely keep those eyes out for. Surely this is best defined as a see cup moment. Only in Indonesian cinema, or your most fantastical wildest dreams, could what transpires, come to be.
Can a rejuvenated Samson still stand tall and fight against the governor and all his military might ?. With a further prayer to the heavens above, and a grand old free for all mighty brawl for final justice, you can be assured that Samson brings the house down !.

Movie Rating: 7/10

Review Paul Cooke / Source French PAL DVD

La Revanche De Samson (1987)
Director Sisworo Gautama Putra
With Suzzanna, Paul Hay,
Rolf Halberstadt, Corbi Vile, A.J. Eikman,
Menkahay & Matthias Kurt

Sunday 23 January 2011

Japanese VHS Goodness Abounds On Ebay ...

Ebay Auctions
Part II January 2011

Wow, how quickly has the new year begun !?. Almost through January and February swiftly approaching. Just placed some more Japanese Original VHS Tape Goodness up for Auction over at Ebay. An Action lovin' mixed bag including an outrageously over the top trailblazing jungle rollercoaster from Thailand, a giant shark with even bigger teeth from Italian 'B' movie maestro Bruno Mattei, with his glorious Xerox of Jaws. More from Bruno with the Sci-fi insanity that is Shocking Dark. Splice Aliens with The Terminator and throw some Bruno gloop over the mix and you get the most entertaining, non stop Action lunacy to revel in.

All of the pictures below link to the Ebay Auctions and are scans of the actual Videos that are on offer.

Please do take the time to check them out, and anyone considering, or actually bidding upon, the very best of luck, and Thank You.

Sunday 16 January 2011

Indonesian Director Arizal Lets Loose ...

The Stabilizer
(1986 / Indonesia)

‘‘Anyone who dies by my hand I always consider a friend’’

Awesome Action Director Arizal delivers again in another completely over the top Indonesian pulse pounding pleaser of preposterous proportions. That’s a lot of adjective ‘P’s’ to loosely describe one heck of an Action overload from a film maker who deserves a lot more credit and exposure outside of his own homeland. Thankfully quite a few of Arizal’s films did find their way onto VHS in other regions around the globe. The Stabilizer is one of those movies, and its frenetic pace and all Action style has to be experienced to be believed !.

The plot, as with most Indonesian Action outings, is simple but brutal in its intent so as to give on screen credence to the motives of the characters. Pithy pantomime baddies pretty much goad their heroic protagonists into acts of vengeance with due cause. The bad guy here is no exception as he forcefully rapes and brutalises the fiancĂ©e of law enforcer Peter Goldson (Peter O’Brian). Greg Rainmaker is the kingpin of a drug cartel and following a run in with Peter Goldson he ends up being shot in the kneecap, leaving him with a permanent walking impediment. In vengeful retribution he strikes back through cowardly redemption against the woman Goldson loves.

Some years later Peter Goldson has the opportunity to bring Greg Rainmaker to bear for his actions once and for all. Called upon by the Indonesian narcotics division as a specialist law enforcer, to team up with an old friend and fellow officer, Goldson answers the call of duty without hesitation. He is considered to be the cop to call when it comes to restoring the balance of good and evil. A man with the experience to stabilize serious situations, and Peter Goldson is just that man, for he is … The Stabilizer !.

A professor in Indonesia has created a narcotics detector and his assistant named Victor has sold his services to Rainmaker to step out of the professors shadow. The professor is kidnapped and held captive with forceful intent to divulge the formula for the detector. The professors daughter teams up with Goldson and his fellow officer in order to uncover the whereabouts of the professor, and destroy Rainmaker’s operations.

The professors daughter proves to be a useful gal to have around as she is both proficient in karate and handling a crossbow. Her skills are put to use alongside Goldson and his partner as they flush out Victor and halt a major operation at one of Rainmakers production warehouses. It’s slam, bang, biff, bash, bosh Adam West Batman fisticuffs and martial arts acrobatics as Arizal gets to showcase what he is best at, putting the Action right up on the screen for all to enjoy. The insane craziness doesn’t just stop at people beating the heck out of each other, but motorcycles and construction vehicles crashing into walls and through brick, mortar and wood.

Peter O’Brian certainly appears to be doing pretty much all of his own stunt work along with his supporting cast. Grand scale Action set pieces including the obligatory motorcycle versus a helicopter, and massively staged exploding buildings are all part of Arizal’s recidivist resume.

Throw in some neat little touches, such as Rainmaker sporting a pair of raised pointed steel soled shoes that make golfing pumps seem redundant, particularly when the wearer uses them to strike out with harmful intent !. A Mohawk crowned lackey not quite good enough to challenge Mr. T for a ride in the A-Team van, and some ass kicking babes who know how to handle a big weapon, are all part of the welcome insanity on display.

Peter O’Brian as ever looks like Stallone playing Rambo, only stuck in anamorphic mode for the entirety !. Craziest of all has to be the English language dubbing that is applied, its as if the Action is set in the mid Eighties but the dialogue is trapped in the Seventies. It’s kind of like Asian meets Blaxploitation, with its star O’Brian crossing Dirty Harry with John J. Rambo in a cocktail he clearly is intoxicated with. The result is over the top Action overload, Arizal style. Throughout it all nothing can stop … The Stabilizer !.

View The Stabilizer Trailer

Movie Rating: 6/10

Review Paul Cooke / Source Japanese NTSC VHS

The Stabilizer (1986)

Director Arizal
With Peter O’Brian, Craig Gavin, Gillie Beanz,
Dana Christina, Harry Capri & Mark Sungkar

Saturday 8 January 2011

Barry Prima The Warrior Supreme ...

The Warrior & The Ninja Girl

‘‘You cannot get away. No matter where you may hide’’

Barry Prima reprises his role as Jaka Sembung, the righteous representation of good, returning in a sequel to the original 1981 cult Indonesian Action fantasy The Warrior.

The Warrior strives on in the fight for his people against the Dutch imperialist oppressors of his beloved country. The tyrannous invaders rape and plunder the land, making the meek farmers their slaves. Now the time has come for the people to rebel. Some join with the Dutch enemy, they in turn oppressing their own kind. These traitors will not be forgotten, and will never be forgiven. This then is an era for new heroes to rise up. This is the time of Black Squirrel, the ninja girl !.

Jaka Sembung’s village is decimated by a close by volcano as it suddenly erupts. All the residents flee for their lives. From within its fiery furnace emerges an imprisoned warrior, his bodied impervious to the molten heat. He has spent many years exiled in this place. His past misdemeanours, as an exactor of ill gotten deeds, brought to a halt by his nemesis and teacher of Jaka Sembung. This Ox of a man is known as Iron Man, his very fabric forged like iron. His flesh and bone all but impregnable by weapons. Free from his volcanic internment he seeks revenge upon Jaka Sembung’s master and will stomp his way through anything or anyone that stands in his way.

The Dutch overlords sit at the same table as their affluent Indonesian dictators. When night falls the Black Squirrel comes to dine upon their riches. Using all of her well honed ninja skills she is able to climb trees and scale walls, slipping in unnoticed through building windows and helping herself to the riches of the corrupt. The opulent chattels are put to very good use in funding the rebel cause, and as food and medicine for the poor. Her actions are that of an Asian Robin Hood.

With each nightly forage Black Squirrel risks all and the governor of the main village increases his manpower, along with setting many an intricate trap to capture this thorn in his side. On a night that indeed proves to be almost impossibly insurmountable for this ninja girl, she is aided in her escape by the recently arrived Jaka Sembung. They forge a bond in common plight against the oppressive regime from here on in, and the fights and fantastical enactments play out in typically wild Indonesian insanity.

Many a clash against the Dutch and their suckling pig brethren plays out. Wild displays of kung fu is decorated by the garish red expunction of severed throats, and loped off limbs, chopped from multitudes of soldiers bloodied in the battle. Sword blades thrust into throats and slice into stomachs as the acrobatic ninja girl agilely displays what she does best.

Jaka Sembung squares off against Iron Man, commissioned for the despicable cause by the Dutch aligned Indonesian governor, and their coming together proves to be a highlight of the movie. Visibly outmatched by the seemingly invincible Iron Man Jaka Sembung must use his superior guile in order to overcome the impossible. In with a sniff of a chance the warrior may have smelt Iron Man’s Achilles heel!.

Teaming up Ninja Girl with The Warrior proves to be a successful on screen combination as the Action come twice as fast and is double the Fun. They assist each other out of situations that alone may have proven to be their individual downfall. Jaka Sembung’s rescue from the torture chamber of his captors, three quarters of the way into the movie, is high energy value for money viewing. Splayed across a wrack, with a mighty swinging blade just inches above him, is straight out of The Pit And The Pendulum (1961). Black Squirrels advances to free him are countered by perilous traps !.

In grand old finale tradition with these fantastical Indonesian pictures it all climaxes in majestic fashion with a right royal round house fight to the death. The bad guys best, imbued of their super enhanced abilities, up against The Black Squirrel, Jaka Sembung and the unyielding rebels. All going toe to toe in a battle that has its fair share of gory demises to relish. Amazing stuff, and in the very best of conclusive movie tradition, Jaka Sembung gets to return in future sequels, as The Warrior lives to fight another day.

This Very Greek VHS Now Up For Auction On Ebay (SOLD)

View The Trailer For The Warrior & The Ninja Girl

Movie Rating: 6/10

Review Paul Cooke / Source Greek PAL VHS

The Warrior And The Ninja Girl (1985)

Director H. Tjut Djalil
With Barry Prima, El Manik, Rita Zahara,
Syamsuri Kaempuan, Tizar Purbaya,
Piet Pagau & Zurmainy Terry   

Sunday 2 January 2011

More Japanese VHS Goodness Docked Up Over On At The 'Bay ...

January 2011

Happy New Year folks. Hopefully Santa was good to you and didn't damage any of those super shiny DVD delights during his decent down your chimney, or Faux fireplace - hey it is the 21st century after all !.

As we collectors know all too well, all that is shiny is not necessarily Gold when it comes to our treasured movies. Here then is another opportunity, and the first from me in 2011, to trade in the tangerines and knitted jumpers to get yourselves the present that you really wanted.

Please check out my recent new listings on Ebay for another small sampling of Original Japanese NTSC Video Tapes. All in Fantastic shape with those Fabulous inserts with glorious artwork that the Japanese do so very well.

More Tapes to follow in the coming weeks, including some rarities on both the PAL Format and some of those often even more obscure movies released on Greek VHS. Hey, I may even post up some Laserdiscs for those that may have been around in the day when Super Shiny platters of movie goodness were the bench mark for home viewing excellence.

Thank you once again to all who frequent Ballistic Blood Bullets, and for taking the time to check out the films that I have on offer over at Ebay. I really do appreciate it, and aside from the obvious benefit of making some extra cash it is personally satisfying knowing that these much treasured movies find another good home.

Here we go then, please see the VHS covers below, which are true representations of the actual films that you will receive, along with the Ebay Auction links to cast your eyes upon at your leisure.

Thank you.