Sunday, 23 January 2011

Japanese VHS Goodness Abounds On Ebay ...

Ebay Auctions
Part II January 2011

Wow, how quickly has the new year begun !?. Almost through January and February swiftly approaching. Just placed some more Japanese Original VHS Tape Goodness up for Auction over at Ebay. An Action lovin' mixed bag including an outrageously over the top trailblazing jungle rollercoaster from Thailand, a giant shark with even bigger teeth from Italian 'B' movie maestro Bruno Mattei, with his glorious Xerox of Jaws. More from Bruno with the Sci-fi insanity that is Shocking Dark. Splice Aliens with The Terminator and throw some Bruno gloop over the mix and you get the most entertaining, non stop Action lunacy to revel in.

All of the pictures below link to the Ebay Auctions and are scans of the actual Videos that are on offer.

Please do take the time to check them out, and anyone considering, or actually bidding upon, the very best of luck, and Thank You.


  1. I think I may have to sell a kidney here Paul. Been waiting for a Shocking Dark to show up for ages... And just look at that awesome Cobra Thunderbolt cover!

  2. Hey Simon :) , The Cobra Thunderbolt cover is awesome for sure & yes indeed it is a Big Fun flick. I grabbed this second Japanese Original tape a while back after being so fortunate to pick up the first time. I will not let my own original go from my collection but will be delighted to see this one go to a good home.
    Shocking Dark is just bonkers, love it. Bruno pretty much re-made this re-work more recently as the back ground story Action to Zombies: The Begining.

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  5. Sgt Clarin: Bullet For Your Head looks Amazing!

  6. Sgt Clarin is a solid Jungle Action flick with an Epic finale, most definitely a Must for collectors of Action movies.

  7. Ahh, I don't have to fight ya gents, I've got all these Japanese beauties except RUSH (but then again I've the RUSH on VIDEO 2000!! from Denmark. LOL).