Sunday, 5 December 2010

Japanese VHS Goodness Hits The 'Bay


Ballistic Blood Bullets followers and those that know me well will appreciate my love for All things Action. From the likes of Antonio Margheriti to Enzo G. Castellari & Bruno Mattei, to list just a very small example.

Over a very long period of time, including over ten years of dogged determination and last second computer key pressing in high anticipation of snagging a rarity on Ebay, I have amased many hundreds of Original Japanese VHS Tapes. Even these in their hundreds are but a small part of my movie collection, but amongst all of the films I have acquired these Japanese Tapes most definitely represent some of the very most rare & highly collectable movies. Most are still not, and indeed many most likely never will be, available on the shiny format of DVD. I recall spending many years desperately trying to get hold of Ferdinando Baldi's Action movie Ten Zan: Ultimate Mission, and one day finally the Japanese VHS appeared on Ebay. I spent many a fraught moment anxiously anticipating the close of the Auction and praying against fellow last minute bidders. I did manage to secure, but of course at quite a price, but it was finally mine. I must have watched the movie about five times in the first month of receiving, but it sure was worth it and that movie never showed up anywhere again for a very long time. When it did eventually show up again on Ebay it went for an even higher price. A further long while later, amazingly a second opportunity arose for me to grab a second Tape of the movie, in the early hours of the morning I stayed up and Incredibly no one else seemed to know it had been listed. I did feel kinda bad at gazumping the bidders already in place, suspecting that at 4.00am in the morning it was a little too much for them to stay up and last second bid like the crazy fool I was. A very happy crazy fool mind you come closure. That second Original Ten Zan: Ultimate Mission Japanese VHS Tape in a marginal Widescreen presentation is just one of the movies that I now offer the opportunity to someone else to have and to hold, and to proudly place amongst their own treasured collection.

The purpose and reason behind offering these movies now for Auction you may ask ?. Well, perhaps like the great Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry delivering his infamous line ''I know what you're thinking, did I fire six shots or five'' (paraphrased but applicable), in all the years of excitement there were many times passing on such rare movies, even when that rare gem had already been snagged, I just could not resist ensuring I had an extra version ... you know, just in case !.

With the safety measures now of the fabulous format back up security of DVDr I can rest at ease and so now give a little something back to the collector community. Please, if you will take the time to check out my Ebay Auctions in the coming weeks and months as there will be many a Rare tape and Fabulous Japanese VHS Original Tape on offer. ALL of my Tapes have been genuinely cared for and cherished. Every single one of them I took the time to carefully clean of rental stickers where applied by the stores and also thoroughly cleaned the cassettes of all dirt and sticky labels. These Tapes look as near perfect as the day they were first produced. The insert card artwork is almost exclusively blemish free and I promise each potential interested fellow film fan and collector that what you receive upon securing a bid is a trouble free exchange and a bonified VHS Movie Tape to be proud of in your own collection.

Currently up for grabs on Ebay are All of the movies listed below and the scans shown are the very inserts from the films that are on offer. Please do check out the Auctions and thank you in advance for doing so and for your consideration in acquiring. The very best of luck to any and all interested bidders.

Prepare for Action ... as the Great Brent Huff would say ... It Can Be Done.

Thank You


  1. I've sold off a bunch of mine as well Paul, very very bittersweet. But they gave us YEARS and years of entertainment.
    Collecting these for Tough To Kill, hovering over the bid button, will ALWAYS be one of my favorite cult cinema memories.

    Now, I may just need to get all those widescreen ninja flicks ;)

  2. Hi David, have no fear I am NOT yet planning to sell anything other than what I have more than one of. Over all these years I either purposefully bought more than one, just in case something tragic happened leaving me without a treasured movie, or through sheer volume of mountains of still trying to find time to watch I bought an extra in error :) . All Great stuff, but time to give something back to fellow collectors.

  3. Killer box art! Ten Zan: Ultimate Mission looks like a cool movie!

  4. Ty, Ten Zan is a Big Fun Action flick from Ferdinando Baldi. It's the movie I was so desperate to get hold of & it was virtually unattainable. Still arare movie to get hold of. The Video took me about five years to come by. When a second one popped up I just had to grab it having spent so long in first acquiring. I'll never let my first purchase Tape go, but here is the second Japanese Original VHS that I have up for Auction for a fellow collector to have the opportunity to have for themselves. Well worth getting for sure.

  5. Phew...Castle Banzai is the only resource in the world I know of for all those Ninja flicks. Glad the towers are still towering. One day I simply have to visit you Paul...

  6. Brother D, you are welcome over at any time, you know that my friend. Heck I'm hoping we may get together for Wrestlemania 30 :) .