Friday 18 March 2011

Early Easter Ebay VHS Goodness ...

First and foremost on behalf of myself, and I'm sure all who stop by here at Ballistic Blood Bullets, may I say that our thoughts and prayers go out to Japan, and all its people, at this time of alarming devastation and distressing tragedy.

Ebay Auctions
March 2011

It's that time of year when Easter is almost upon us and the Ballistic Blood Bullets Bunny is hopping around collecting up a whole basketful of Japanese Video Goodies to be gobbled up right now over on up at Ebay.

Star of the goodness up for grabs this month is without question the gory kick ass caveman classic Master Of The World. Euro Italian produced prehistoric gruel where the only rules were those of survival. This particular tape on offer is in Superb condition both in Excellent quality of print, in a Fabulous Wide Screen ratio, and complete with a clean and typically cool Japanese insert. The Japanese tapes are pretty much always the standard bearers when it comes to quality, but this particular release is in all my time of collecting one of the finest issues ever, without question. Master Of The World is a Must Have.

Familiar Eighties goodness also abounds with the delights of Luigi Cozzi's classic chunk blower, and body exploding Sci-Fi schlocker Contamination aka Alien Contamination, Antonio Margheriti's monster from the sea Actioner Alien From The Deep, and the low budget, but big bang for your bucks Alien (1979) cash in Italian rip Alien 2 Sulla Terra.

A massive favourite from the Post Apocalyptic cycle of Eighties Euro Action greatness from the prolific Italian production stable is 2019: After The Fall Of New York. The Michael Sopkiw and George Eastman starer from Director Sergio Martino under the pseudonym of Martin Dolman. You'd have to be a Big Ape to have missed out on this one.

Infamous Cannibal jungle gut muncher Make Them Die Slowly aka Cannibal Ferox eagerly awaits to be gobbled up by a collector looking for something to satisfy their hunger for this particularly grizzly genre.

Lucio Fulci's late Eighties entry Sodoma's Ghosts is relatively hard to come by and worth checking out, but please be aware that this particular Japanese VHS release is in its original Italian language only with the usual small Japanese subtitles. There is no English dubbing nor English subtitles with this one.

Cruel Jaws awaits a keen collector of Jaws (1976) inspired shark attack goodness. A pretty decent outing from 'B' movie king of the Italian Xerox greatness himself Bruno Mattei. Definitely one to sink your teeth into, so please dive in early to secure, before someone else bites your hand off to get it !.

Once again, all insert art covers displayed are of the actual VHS Tape that you will be purchasing.

Thanks to anyone, and everyone who takes the time to check out my Ebay Auctions, and a huge thank you in advance to any that make a purchase. The very best of luck in bidding. Thank you.

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