Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Eighties Action On Ebay ...

February (II) 2011 

More Euro goodness on both the Greek and UK PAL VHS Format, eagerly seeking nice new homes to go to, popped up over on Ebay for your kind considerations.

Once again All of the movie insert covers shown here and on Ebay are scans of the actual video film inserts themselves. What you see is most definitely what you will get.

One of the Rarities listed is the Peter O'Brian Indonesian starer Rimba Panas aka Jungle Heat. Cannibals, gore, scantily clad jungle babe and all the usual zany Indonesian outrageousness you could wish for. From Director Ratno Timoer (Blind Warrior / The Devils Sword).

Wide screen goodness comes in the form of cool Post Nuke Actioner The Final Executioner, and this really is a very nicely formated proper wide screen cinema presentation, and a very good quality print once again for a Greek tape, and Tiger Joe in a marginal wide screen issue with David Warbeck in top form under the always reliable Direction of Antonio Margheriti.


  1. Read that Jungle Heat was a pretty brutal movie! Also just watched The Final Executioner for the site. Thought it was decent, if a little slow-paced.

  2. Ty, it may well be the Jobic Wong version of Jungle Heat (1985) you are thinking of as the Uncut version of that is certainly brutal. This Indonesian outing has gore but not what I would describe necessarily as brutal.
    The Final Executioner is a Fun flick, and the Greek Tape on offer looks Great in its proper letterboxed format.