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Combined with the first part of this Epic motion picture event Red Cliff II more than carries its own weight in comparison. Indeed there is no need to compare the two. The entire picture is around four and a half hours in duration, shown in its intended vision. This would make for a superb weeks viewing on Television split over five nights. Without question though this is the very best way to enjoy Red Cliff. The complete and uncensored version of Director John Woo's greatest achievement on this scale, viewed in all its glory in High Definition Blu-ray.

Sure the film is split over two Blu-ray discs, but there is no escaping this in order to deliver up the entire movie at its most glorious. Perfect picture and sound, no compromising, and perfectly left at a conclusion point at the end of part one. Viewed back to back over the course of two evenings viewing is ideal to fully appreciate the magnificence of this period piece spectacular.

Red Cliff II picks up after the astounding battles of part one, initially enveloping its viewer into the mind set of both waring factions. The intelligence gathered by a spy in the camp of Prime Minister Cao Cao, and the deception of once friends, now on opposite sides at war. All of the strategic nous of Zhuge Liang (portrayed supremely by the quite excellent Takeshi Kaneshiro) and the defining leadership of Zhou Yu (Tony Leung), combined for the allies, conjoins the Action together in perfect harmony. Outnumbered by hundreds of thousands of men the allies not only have to overcome their obvious disadvantage, but also deploy ingenious ways of attaining ammunition to continue their stand against adversity. Zhuge Liang's composure under great pressure, carried out with an uplifting charm, is quite brilliant. When the allies realise that their supply of essential arrows is no where near what is required for the final battle ahead the method of acquiring one hundred thousand more is ingenious.

Honour, loyalty, brotherhood and fight to the death for the righteous cause bleeds throughout, along with the multitude of soldiers in battle. There is blood spillage aplenty, along with more limbs shorn just as was witnessed in Red Cliff part one. The almost super human expertise and honed abilities, imbued with the strength and agility of the outstanding generals of both armies, delivers moments of supreme blood letting and delirious fight sequences. To witness an impassioned leader lead his troops into battle, cutting a swathe before him is like unleashing a tornado against a hundred men knowing that the hundred will fall.
Prime Minister Cao Cao has the overwhelming advantage of soldiers but his weakness is the love of a woman. The woman in question just so happens to be the wife of his nemesis Zhou Yu. The beautiful Chiling Lin plays Zhou Yu's great love Xiao Qiao, in her first big screen role.
Xiao Qiao is not just a pretty trinket to adorn the background setting of the movie. The impressive location scenery delivers on that score unchallenged by any. As impassioned of her land and people as her husband she chooses to act with her own guile in assisting the cause. As the great final battle comes, she is within the camp of Prime Minister Cao Cao. Love and war go hand in hand !.

The conclusive battle in no way disappoints, in fact it is the defining point of excellence that the movies journey has undertaken to arrive at this finality. Pretty much the last hour of the film is all out breathtaking Action. The sheer grandeur and enormous scale of endeavour to pull this magnitude off is unimaginable. John Woo, and all involved have delivered an Epic of modern time that will stand out for generations to come as the likes of El Cid (1961), Ben Hur (1958) and Spartacus (1960) have done.
Absolutely Excellent involvement by all concerned, from cast to crew to special effects, locations, sound and most definitely Director John Woo. Without question Red Cliff is a major motion picture event Epic of our time. Recommended on every level of experience, edification and pure expansive entertainment.


Director John Woo
Featuring: Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Fengyi Zhang, Chen Chang, Jun Hu, Shido Nakamura, Chiling Lin, Yong You, Dawei Tong, Yong Hou, Jia Song, Ba Sen Zha Bu, Jinsheng Zang, Shan Zhang, Hui Wang, Gang Xie, Chao Guo, and a cast of thousands of Extras

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