Saturday, 6 March 2010

A Dark MacLeod Awaits Adrian Paul

Nine Miles Down

Death and delirium at a desert outpost research centre calls for company security, in the guise of Highlander’s Adrian Paul, as Thomas ‘Jack’ Jackman, to investigate. There can be only one it seems, as his lone trek to the facility is accompanied by a severe wind storm that closes him off to any assistance. It is apparent upon Jack’s arrival that all is not well as the complex is deserted, and etched in blood upon a corridor wall is the phrase ‘Save Yourselves’. From here on in there is something more insidious than just sand for Jack to contend with !.

A research team investigating a geological anomaly deep within the earths crust, of the central Sahara Desert in Northern Africa, discover new and independently formed life forms when they drill Nine Miles Down. In the days that follow all twenty five of them vanish !. Jack secures the facility as night closes in, and with it comes a terrible storm. Finding the sleeping quarters he rests up out of the sand storm that rages outside. His sleep pattern is interrupted by nightmares and seemingly waking visions of bloody terror. Haunted by the death by suicide of his wife, who in turn also took the lives of their two children in her lowest moment, self tortured in the belief that her husband was having an affair, Jack is increasingly finds himself susceptible to an unseen presence.
The following day, seemingly just out of the blue, a pretty young woman jogs into the encampment and nonchalantly introduces herself to Jack as Doctor Jenny Christianson. She is pleased he has arrived with transportation, and is immediately keen to leave. Jack is more concerned in seeking answers !. Reporting into base camp Jack is informed that the occupants of the research centre were an all male crew !. He is told to stay in case of any other signs of life from the team. What follows is around a twenty four hour period of discovery, paranoia and violent visions as the desert complex unveils its pernicious credentials.
This is a top quality ‘B’ movie with true ideals of a multiplex success screen filler that would do well by word of mouth. As it is with a straight to home view marketing it is well worth seeking out. The remote desert setting is reminiscent to that of the isolated one in John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982), unsurprising then that when the project was originally set to role back in 1995 John Carpenter was due to be in the directors chair. He, however, went on instead to make Escape From L.A (1996), and the movie hit the back burner until now. Anthony Waller does a very sound job at the helm, but you can’t help but wonder where the movie may just have gone had John Carpenter fulfilled the producers vision !?.
The atmospheric eeriness permeates proceedings throughout, along with a subtle and highly effective use of sound, combining sublimely with some very neat uses of acute camera angles. Sweeping shots from high and low keep the viewer on look over your shoulder alert, anxiously anticipating as the nightmarish nuances unravel.

This is a tightly woven chiller, thriller with overtones of Dante’s Inferno. What you believe is real may become so if you perceive it to actually be !.

Good to see Adrian Paul back in a tangible role that he takes full advantage of to show that he is a highly competent actor. Kate Nauta as the mysterious Doctor Jennie Christianson is sexy and smart in equal portion, as are her own delectable proportions. Several scenes of violent acts punctuate the foreboding atmosphere, delivered purposefully and never relied upon to add cheep scare tactics. The movie never relies upon, nor requires such over used horror clich├ęs, Nine Miles Down is a refreshing outing that keeps you watching with baited anticipation from start to finish.

Movie Rating: 7/10
Review Paul Cooke / Source Region 1 NTSC DVD
Nine Miles Down (2009)
Director Anthony Waller
With Adrian Paul, Kate Nauta, Meredith Ostrom,
Amanda Douge, Anthony Waller & Arcadiy Golubovich

‘‘I’ve seen what can happen when people abandon reason’’


  1. This looks pretty cool. Thanks, buddy!

  2. Hey Sarah, Thanks for stopping by. It's a neat little indie movie that is indeed pretty Cool :) . Paul

  3. When will it be released in the US?