Sunday, 10 January 2010

Great Scot I Cannot Believe It Captain

Captains Blog Stardate 2010
Stellar AWARDS
What a totally unexpected, yet wonderful, way to start the new year. Recognition from two extremely decent and talented fellow Bloggers. Thank you guys ...

I have fellow Movie Buff extraordinaire Hans A. from the hip hop happenin' Quiet Cool to Thank for his very generous nomination of the Kreativ Blogger Award

I also, equally have to thank, for the One Lovely Blog Award, Carl from the super movie horror haven highway of informative entertainment that is ILHM

Now, in receiving these great accolades from Blogging peers there is a code of etiquette that quite properly requires the recipients adherence. The Rules are as follows:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award
2. Copy the logo and place it on your Blog
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award
4. Name seven things about yourself that you think people might find interesting
5. Nominate seven Kreativ Bloggers
6. Post links to the seven Blogs you nominate
7. Leave a comment on each of the Blogs letting them know they have been nominated

Being fairly new to the wonderful world of Blogging, and not wishing to just nominate for the sake of totting up to the designated number of seven chosen recipients, I respectfully designate my chosen deserving Award nominations to Five deserving Blogs.
1. Mr. David Zuzelo at Tomb It May Concern is one of the cornerstones of Euro Film sharing and Comic Book goodness that any like minded fan could wish for. I have known David for around ten years now and he is without question my brother from another mother. A more deserving recipient of recognition through a humble Award I could not imagine.
2. Of course Carl at ILHM Such a Fun stop over for bullet note tidbits of movie goodness, reviews. A great guy who embraces life to the fullest and gives back what he learns from life to any that frolic at his font of filimic frippery.
3. Jack over at his Euro bunker of all things Eighties Action and Asian extreme En legemorder ser telbage aka Reflections Of A Hitman who just so happens to also have a very Cool Vietnam / Filipino Jungle War Action Blog that hits the detonator with a mighty welcome bang When The Vietnam War Raged ... In The Philippines over at

4. Fred over at Ninja Dixon Fred is a fellow lover of movies, particularly currently it seems of the Asian scene, with the movie making imergent Thailand top of his viewing agenda. Fred has always been a little unsure of himself when writing in English. Not his native tongue, so even more deserving of an Award for delivering an English written Blog with regular updates and a Fun spin on rare and evocative movies from around the globe.

5. This Is Quiet Cool's Hans A. at one of my now Must stop by Blog's. What have I been missing right under my nose !?.

Thank you & Congratulations to all the above
Now, to unearth seven things about myself that folk may find interesting !
One of those awkward things but let's give it a shot.
1. One of the first on line movie related sites that I visited back in late 1999, that is still going today !, was Sex Gore Mutants Go SGM.
2. The two most rewatched movies I have seen are Zombie Flesheaters and Star Wars. Now how diverse is that !?.
3. Amongst my first rated 'X' movies I snuck in to see at the big screen theatre before the age of eighteen were Wes Craven's original The Hills Have Eyes, Zombie Flesheaters & Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal aka The Last Cannibal World.
4. I have a passion for the Eighties Euro Action flicks but in general I really do just love the movies. Pretty much any movie I will / have watched.
5. I have an unscratchable itch for the stoopid flicks of both Steven Seagal & Jean Claude Van Damme. So shoot me !.
6. I have written two screenplays for amateur movie making associates that were made into films.
7. Bruno Mattei aka Vincent Dawn puts a smile on my face & entertains me with pretty much anythings he ever made. God Bless you Bruno.
Thank you both Carl and Hans A. for your very kind gestures in presenting me with my very first peer recognitions for this inceptive little Blog that is Ballistic Blood Bullets. I hope that I can continue to build upon the film foundation that makes the Blogging / sharing experience a Fun one. Thank you guys, and Thank you all who have stopped by. Looking forward to the year ahead and uncovering & rediscovering movies old and new alike to share.
To All A Happy & Healthy 2010


  1. Thank you Paul! I'm very happy :D
    So, there's rules here too... so I will try to do the same thing myself!

    Now I'm just not sure which one I should give away, Kreativ Blogger or One Lovely Blog! Or both? Help me please!

  2. Fred, you are truly welcome :) .
    I'm completely new to all of this Awards thing myself. Completely out of the blue. So very nice & a humbling experience to receive though for sure.
    I think if you check on Blogger & search for both One Lovely Blog & Kreativ Blogger it gives an idea. Perhaps, tweak a little in the rules as I have.

  3. Your efforts in 2009 were commendable for sure Paul, looking forward to another great year with BBB and thanks for the special recognition as well!

  4. Carl, a genuine pleasure my friend. Your words or wit & wisdom along with your passion for film & life itself is uplifting. Looking forward to hanging at ILHM for a very long time to come :) .

  5. Paul, your site is most certainly deserving of acclaim, and I, too, am certainly looking forward to your future work. You write fantastic reviews. Thank you also for the shout out on my blog. Take care.

  6. My pleasure Hans. Thank you for your kind words. There is always plenty to see so Reviews & thoughts wont be far behind :) .

  7. Paul, mate, buddy, pal, like yourself and Fred I'm new to this and I'm FLABBERGASTED to receive your award (which has to be split in two between my two blogs, LOL). Thanks a lot, mate, it's very much appreciated. xD