Saturday, 24 October 2009

Halloween 'Haul' Of Horror

Timo Rose & Andreas Schnaas
Creators Of Chaos Combine

The likelihood of an iconic horror Big Screen face off between Jason / Freddy & Ash, from The Evil Dead, is sadly only something the fans can enjoy in comic book format. Perhaps the most likely and anticipated coming together is of two of Germany's two horror goremeisters, Andreas Schnaas and Timo Rose. Anticipate no more, it is happening right now !.

Andreas Schnaas' gore gannet Karl The Butcher returns to square off against Timo Rose's bloody big blade wielding outhouse Axe. Yes indeed two behemoths of 'B' movie bloodletting are coming together to vent their spurious spleens upon each other, in a post apocalyptic future where even Mad Max would cower in the corner. Does it get any bigger than this for low budget brilliance !?.

This will be the second collaboration between Rose and Schnaas in a very short period of time. Look out too for Unrated: The Movie, which also appears to have an appearance by Andreas as Karl The Butcher. Will this have a cameoing scene setting for the colossal clash with Axe to follow ?. The possibilities are mouth watering for tongue in cheek gore loving expectant fans everywhere.

Now when can we expect an Uncut / English friendly DVD release of Andreas Schnaas' Knights Templar horror homage Don't Wake The Dead ?. Long overdue a proper release for the global horror hungry Schnaas following.

Expect both Unrated: The Movie and Karl The Butcher Vs Axe in 2010. Here's hoping they become readily available in Unrated format sooner rather than later. Thanks to both Andy and Timo for letting loose their most outrageous creations upon a movie plain that could see two careers finally take off together in a very big way. Don the masks and prepare the axe for bloody battle !.


  1. Interesting, I havent seen either film but I am always down for any Vs movie. Shit, I own BOA VS PYTHON lol..

  2. Can't wait...and I've been REALLY looking forward to Don't Wake The Dead as well. But it must be uncut or I can't even peek at it!
    Two long time favorites ready to battle it out, Andreas vs. Timo and Karl vs. AXE!

  3. Long Live the Versus flicks ! :) .
    DZ, so need to see Don't Wake The Dead UNCUT as you say. Karl Vs Axe will be such a tongue in severed cheek joy. Love that coming together in the forest snipet in the Trailer.
    Do check out the other trailer for Unrated: The Movie. Wow, Fat Zombie from Fulci's Zombie Flesheaters, now that is a Halloween costume that takes some guts :) .