Monday, 6 July 2009

Banzai and Z...a pair that is Tough To Kill!

While this is more of a personal post, it is an explosive combination of wordsmithery and wit-the meeting of Banzai and Wee Z at Wrestlemania 20 is now available on DVD only at Ballistic Blood Bullets.

Happy times!


  1. What the hey :) . I recall the David Z store photo opportunity but don't recall it in super motion vision. Five years in the making & it's a first view for me. What a once in a lifetime special event memory for all times eh Brother Z. Wrestlemania 25 was Awesome & the Trip was truly memorable. Wee Zee & BB pre-Cloverfield but still a Box Office draw for all times :) . I still salivate over those Crispy Kremes ... now I do recall a mini video feature come Big Apple closure at the Garden Station ... mmmmm me smells a sequel ;) . Thanks for sharing, and sorry but it was me that super glued the orange hat to your head LOL . Paul

  2. Ah the hat, still have it. It was really cold as I recall, now if we could find photos of me sleeping on two chairs pushed together it would be perfect!

    I'll hunt around my old hard drives for the other video ;)