Sunday, 14 June 2009

A Prior Jungle Incursion

Jungle Assault

‘‘Any blade can get dull, but the steel is still there’’

A guerrilla hit squad is taking out U.S. military personnel in central America. Retired General George D. Mitchell is concerned for the well being of his errant daughter Elaine, who is there in support of the rebel alliance. Believing in them for what she feels is a stand against the dictatorship of the American oppressors. The general has fought against communist aggressors in Vietnam and uprisings across continents, and he knows only too well what the rebellion in central America is really about. Drugs and arms dealers with connections to other communist state sympathisers. His daughters altruistic construct is misplaced, and her understanding of her patriotic father is misguided by those she aligns herself with. General Mitchell wants his daughter out of danger, and there are only two men he trusts to go into central America to retrieve her.

Two Vietnam veteran war buddies, Kelly (William Zipp) and Becker (Ted Prior), are having a drink in a beat up bar when a gang of degenerates barges in pulling a frightened young woman with them. Led by a 350lb plus man mountain who has one intent in mind, and that is to rape the woman. Sprawling her across a pool table the gang molest her. Kelly and Becker, witnessing enough, spring into Action and put the beat down on big poppa belly and his repugnant crew. Fists fly, chairs and pool cues hit bodies, and bottles smash heads as the two saviours rack ’em up. The Wurlitzer whirls to the tune of toes to chins as the hits keep coming. With just Kelly and Becker left standing, into the bar comes a face from the past, their old commanding officer General Mitchell.

The general wants the two men to bring back his errant daughter, and gets them on board to undertake a mission deep into drug country. He briefs them with all the information he has and gives them Intel on the guerrilla factions leader, a clever and ruthless female named Rosie Garcia. The general describes her as probably more lethal than any man they have ever met !. She has at her side a calculating killer mercenary known as McClusky, Garcia’s second in command.

Kelly and Becker have kept in pretty good shape and are soon prepared and kitted up to get back in Action. Air lifted by helicopter, into known rebel territory, the two men soon find themselves targeted as the drug runners come calling. They get an assist from an arranged contact, but having saved them from their attackers reveals himself to be none other than the mercenary McClusky !. Kelly and Becker are immediately up to their necks in the smelly deep stuff, as they are bound and taken directly to the camp of Rosie Garcia. McClusky and Garcia want to know who these two soldiers of fortune are, who sent them, and why ?. The two men are tied up, and torture begins !.

With Kelly getting the more hands on treatment from McClusky it is up to Becker to get free from his bindings, and offer assistance to his buddy. Together again they attempt to break out of the rebel encampment and drag the uncovered generals daughter with them. The resulting coup only leads to Kelly managing to escape back into the jungle. McClusky and a handful of armed men set off shortly after him, readied for a man hunt. With a Russian backed major finance operation to hit the American embassy beckoning, and a guaranteed retirement pay day, Garcia and McClusky want all loose ends tied up. Kelly and Becker have other ideas !.

Trained to survive in the jungles of Vietnam Kelly soon puts all of his experience to conclusive use. With a head start on his pursuers he sets traps and readies himself for a fight. One by one McClusky’s men are picked off as life taking pitfalls do their job, and Kelly deploys sticks and kicks against those who stray. Outwitted, and soon equal numbered in opposition, McClusky scurries back to camp. Garcia has her own battle going on as Elaine Mitchell has finally wised up, and having emancipated Becker and rejoined with the returning Kelly the fight for freedom ensues.

It’s more ‘Z Team’ than The A Team, but with paintball bloody splatter body pops, and explosions a plenty, there’s enough Action taking place to enjoy when a plan comes together. Sure to induce more than the odd disbelieving smile and ‘‘Oh come on’’ reaction. But can there be anything more rewarding than having both reactions at once !?. You’ll surely agree when witnessing a bad assed bodacious babe experiencing a full body bazooka lobotomy to go out on with a bang !.

Review Paul Cooke / Source Japanese NTSC Video
Jungle Assault (1989)
Director David A. Prior
With William Zipp, Ted Prior, Mario Rosado,
David Marriott, Darwin Swalve,
Jeannie Moore & William Smith


  1. I sure do love those David A. Prior films! Have you seen Deadly Prey yet? The Greek VHS is one of the coolest covers I've ever seen by the way...great work!

  2. Hey Patrick, gotta love those Jungle Actioners eh :) .

    David, Deadly Prey is in the 'Getting To' pile to watch. Japanese VHS no less.

  3. Looks like a fun one! Will try to track down a copy soon!

  4. Definitely worth a look Ty. Director David A. Prior more often than not at the very least delivers on the Action front. He is still involved in movies today. He is credited as writer for the 2010 Action / Fantasy flick The One Warrior. One of his last Directorial efforts was back in 2006, Zombie Wars !.