Saturday, 4 April 2009

Jungle Incursion Robowars

What If ...

Reb Brown Met Nick Nicholson

They once met and shared a drink in real life, but what if in an alternaverse Reb Brown's character Major Murphy Black went up against a meglomaniacal character played by Nick Nicholson, in a sequel to Robowar . Who would win !?.

Picture this then, Nick Nicholson as a narcoleptic 'Nam super soldier, spaced out on government enhanced weed, developed to addict the enemy before killing them when integrated with simple drinking water. A whole new meaning to River Deep, Mountain High !. Only this super soldier has a rare inherent gene that can consume weed unlike any other, and once that Molotov fajita is flushed through the system with an H20 chaser Nick's character becomes an unstoppable man mechanoid. Let loose in the jungle of the Philippines he is a killing machine, a 'Nam super soldier who soon becomes fearfully named 'Nam SS !.

This could then have been Director Bruno Mattei's sequel to one of the Eighties most brilliantly bizarre Sci Fi jungle Actioners Robowar (1988) .
The US government send in their best military ops man Major Murphy Black to bring down the insidious operators in the Philippines, and with specific orders to end by any means the out of control killing spree of 'Nam SS. Explosive Action entails and all hell breaks loose in the jungle as Reb Brown unleashes a barrage of bullet power, and a slew of dialogue to bombard Nick Nicholson's 'Nam SS as this explosive encounter plays out with crowd pleasing rapture. ROBOWARS .. if only it were Coming Soon to a theatre near us !!!.


  1. That's a very cool new blog you've got there, Paul! Infact; SPIFFY! And those blogs to behold!! Wauw! :-)

    Best of luck and look forward to yr stuff.

  2. Thank ye kindly Jack & great to have you drop by. Looking forward to making 'B' Movie Action accessable & a Blast for all :) . Paul

  3. Hmmmm, weed is involed! Me thinks me likes that!:) Great stuff paul!

  4. Thanks Nick. If you're up for making it I'll pad the story out with dialogue. The spaghetti & weed I'll leave to your catering dept ;) . Paul