Wednesday, 1 April 2009

No Matter Where We Go ... Here We Are

An apt slight play on Buckaroobanzai's prophetic saying ''No matter where you go, there you are !'', but perfectly appropriate for a new dawning.

Welcome fellow Film fans, one & most definitely all, to the Fantastical, bizarre & most definitely Action packed world of Ballistic movie entertainment. This then is the Blog that I should have started a long time ago, but Finally have undertaken. Along for the ride is my ever effusive & enthusiasic padre of Ballistic bliss & Euro cinema, Mr. Devin Kelly.

Many of you will likely be familiar with Cinema Nocturna & perhaps the writings of both myself & Devin at the underbelly of fringe cinema. A long established webzine that trailblazed the internet since the noughties left the nineties behind.

With Ballistic Blood Bullets we aim to continue to deliver upon what was built at the house of Cinema Nocturna, but also more than ever let loose with great regularity the passion for these wonderfully insane movies that the big studios would do well to pay heed to. What may be lacking in budget is more often than not made up for in gutsy entertainment value. This then is the dawn of an extended partnership. Ballistic Blood Bullets is the realisation of a lifetime of love passionately laboured over thousands & thousands of movies. Many great, many bad, but most of all every one with something to talk about & that then is what this Blog is to be all about ... MOVIES !!!. Nuff said, so let's bring it on.

Thank you to Horror HQ for my early days of freedom of speach & the greatest community of fans you could ever wish for. Great days & great memories. Most of all Thank you to Mr. David Zuzelo. Be sure to stop on over at the Zedster's Awesome Blog Tomb It May Concern & be certain to tell him Buckaroobanzai sent ya :) . Look out for contributions from my very good friend DZ right here at Ballistic Blood Bullets as our community grows. Stay tuned folks ... thar be nuggets of gold in these here pages ... let the Action begin.


  1. This is the beginning of a beautiful thing, Paul!;) I'm honored.

  2. Always Fun to hang with one of the most enthusiastic & knowledgeable film fans I know Devin. Welcome onboard. Paul