Friday, 3 April 2009

Nick Nicholson

A Big Shout Out For Mr. Nick Nicholson

A legend and Trojan work horse of the Filipino film industry, Nick Nicholson has become a true compadre to many of us 'B' movie Action fans. Kicking back with the guys and myself over at AV Maniacs forums: it has been a real pleasure getting to know more about the man and his life along with the multitude of big fun flicks he has made. Actor, assistant director, casting, stunt co-ordination, and pretty much anything that most mere mortals would turn and run from, beyond being pampered back in their safe little environments of personal assistants and custom Winnebago's !. This is a man who fought for a nation in the Vietnam war and then got to perform in front of the camera for Directors Francis Ford Coppola and Oliver Stone in Apocalypse Now (1979) & Platoon (1986).

Nick's amazing credentials include appearances and credits along side some of the greats of Filipino lensed cinema. Names such as Cirio H. Santiago, Bruno Mattei, Joe D'Amato, Mike Monty, Romano Kristoff, Ron Marchini, Robert Patrick, Stacy Keach, Chris Mitchum, Gordon Mitchell ... the list goes on. Check Nick's details over at the IMDB:

This really is a short heads up for Nick to show support for an all round great guy. Nick's out of sorts at present and needs time to address life in the real world. This hopefully goes some small way to show how much we appreciate you Mr. Nicholson, and how in the fullness of time we can continue discussions about your incredible life. Be well, and the very best to you good sir.

Now in anticipation of Nick's return a couple of questions to ponder on. Alongside Ian Gordon did Nick really sit down over spaghetti and draft out the story for Invasion USA that became the starring vehicle for Chuck Norris !?. And what the frickin' heck is going on with that poster for Laser Force (see below) !?. Surely Reb Brown will have something to shout about as the one and only true Strike Commando !.


  1. A very nice little nod to Nick here, Paul! The man is certainly diverse as he is interesting. I'm curious to know too what stage his planned book, 'Fish Heads and Rice' is currently in, as I personally can't wait to read it! Oh, and you'll be happy to notice that Nick has addressed a number of your questions today over at his own blog. Exciting stuff, I'd say!:)

    Oh and Paul, you and I both know...Reb Brown ALWAYS has something to shout about!;)

  2. Nick's experience & diversity of life is vast compared to us mere mortals. A great & highly interesting person to engage with. Hoping for big things too for him with Fish Heads & Rice.
    As far as the Rebster is concerned, look out for a Fun post right here, real soon :) . Paul

  3. Got some material of my own coming up too;)