Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Dead Snow

Død snø
(2009 / Norway)

Spike your drink with extra ice cubes & be prepared to snuggle up in your favourite arm chair, as this one will have you rootin' & tootin' like The Three Stooges with free passes to The Worlds Fair. Nazi Zombies resurrected in the snowy peaks of Norway, miles from the beaten track & readied to snack down upon a group of vacationing winter thrill seeking young adults.

This is entertainment in the vein of The Evil Dead, played straight but with a deliciously wry delivery of dark humour. The back drop of far reaching, deep, crisp snow is perfect for this cult classic in the making. A very professional piece of movie making that looks & feels ten times its budget.

After a fearfully frenetic scene setting opening, as a taster for what will befall those that follow, the film introduces the main characters. A band of college graduates all seeking future careers in the medical profession. Saving lives is in their future, but who will save theirs in the present !?.

Nestled snugly in a homely log cabin, with a traditional outside toilet, where better for a Zombie attack than when being scared shit less !?. The movie kicks into high gear when night falls & the young girls & guys are attacked by fully Nazi regalia soldiers of the living dead variety. They were evil in life but are dead evil here !. A superb job on the Zombie makeup effects & costume design people here as the Zombies look excellent.

With a few of their number injured or torn apart from the evening assault its up to a remaining number of just five to pull a plan together to flee for help, fight for survival & serve up a solo Rambo turn straight out of Peter Jackson's Dead Alive !.

The second act is a real crowd pleaser & delivers more Nazi Zombie dismemberment than an offal eating competition at a summer cannibal camp. All done in true tongue in cheek splatter vision that will leave the viewer cheering for more. It truly has been too long a time since such a zestful campy horror has come along, and on this showing Tommy Wirkola is just the man to keep it coming. Brilliant stuff right through till its outlandish finale, that even closes on a great gotcha moment to revel in. Catch this as soon as you can and you'll surely be walking in a winter wonder Zombie land.

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