Monday, 23 May 2011

Japanese VHS / DVD Deals On Ebay ...

Ebay Auction Listings
May 2011

Gargantuan Japanese goodies abound on the 'Bay. Back with more Bruno Mattei Hut Annihilation's with Strike Commando 2, starring Brent Huff & Richard Harris, and Born To Fight, again with Brent Huff this time squaring up to Werner Pochath.

Throw in some Cannibals from Jess Franco, mix up with Luigi Cozzi's Contamination, while spicing up with some icky gooiness in Breeders & a Creature feature aka Titan Find, in a glorious Wide Screen print, with Klaus Kinski, and there's a whole heap of Action, Sci-Fi, Carniverous capers to feast thine eye's upon.

In with the Japanese Tapes this time out is a very nice Japanese DVD Original of Franco Prosperi's The Last House On The Beach. This infamous grisly home invasion thriller stars Florinda Bolkan & Ray Lovelock. This is an Unopened, unplayed Japanese DVD Original in its proper aspect ratio & Uncut. Very, Very Nice collectable.

Pre Lord Of The Rings raw talent Peter Jackson's Braindead aka Dead Alive explodes onto the 'Bay here with a double, reversable Big Fun graphic insert art card. Roger Corman's awesome Forbidden World, big horror Fun with Dead Heat & there's even some horror schlock from Fred Olen Ray with Biohazard !. Rounded all off nicely with a vibrant metal effect insert cover art for William Lustig's Bruce Campbell featured Maniac Cop.

Please do check out all these first time listings from me over at Ebay now.

As always the copy cover inserts as displayed below, and as shown on Ebay, are scans of the actual VHS / DVD covers themselves, from the items offered for sale.

Thank you for checking out the Auctions & thank you to anyone taking the time and trouble to consider or make a winning bid.

Happy viewing & hoping these go to good homes.

Thank you

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