Saturday, 2 April 2011

Ebay VHS Extravoganza ...


Time for an April shower of Video Tape goodness up on over at the 'Bay. Seventies Crime Action nestling right on next to more groovy greatness from those industrious Italians in the Eighties, right on through to some outlandish independent Zombie horror gore in the Nineties.

A veritable smorgasbord of Greek, UK and Japanese VHS Tapes to choose from.

Highlights this time out include Euro Crime MUST HAVES Mark The Narc & Mark Strikes Again, both Directed by the awesome Action stunt coordinator Stelvio Massi, and starring the very cool Franco Gasparri.

Hot on the tail fender of these comes Director Alberto De Martino's awesome mid seventies crime Actioner Blazing Magnum. Starring Stuart Whitman, John Saxon, Martin Landau & Tisa Farrow. This one features one of the very best car chase sequences in movie history. Franco Nero heads up the star roster in Director Enzo G Castellari's fast and furious vigilante outing Street Law, and there is a very nice Full Wide Screen LTBX presentation on a UK PAL VHS for The New Godfathers, which is a pre certification beauty.

There's a Jess Franco cannibal caper rarity in his take on the genre with White Cannibal Queen. Featuring gore feature actor greats Al Cliver & Sabrina Siani, along with Franco regular Lina Romay.

The Zombie outings come in the shape of the very hard to acquire, and ridiculously expensive to buy through the regular outlets, Todd Sheets first two outings in his Zombie Bloodbath trilogy & another rarity, equally as scarce to come by on VHS today Zombie Cult Massacre. Plenty of gore and Zombie silliness all round in these releases. All three of these are pretty much as new. I purchased them from new many years ago & have literally watched each tape just the once. These VHS Tapes & Containers are in near mint condition.

Please do check them all out, along with many others currently up for offer, and hopefully grab yourselves a real rarity at a good price. Thanks as always to all who take the time and trouble to check my Ebay Auctions out & my sincere gratitude to all who become winning bidders.

Happy viewing & happier bidding

Thank you



  1. LOVE Blazing Magnum! I acquired a great 16:9 DVD made by a fan using an off-air recording, sometime last year I think. Great, great movie and I especially love the fight with the three transvestites in their full outfits!

  2. The Japanese VHS for Blazing Magnum is a full 2:35:1 lovely print but a pretty rare find.
    The movie is very well made with a lot of Action & a great cast.

  3. It's certainly a cool flick and too bad it's not on DVD. I have a dvdr off the Danish VHS which is half lbx but I'd buy a proper DVD on the day of its release!

  4. Paul, you need to sell ZOMBIE BLOODBATH part 3!! I've already got the first two tapes!!! LOL.

  5. I've not seen Zombie Bloodbath 3. All three are readily available on DVD & together I believe together in a set, but it is the video tapes which are scarce & collectable of course.
    I guess part 3 was released also on VHS but is it just as rare today ?.

  6. Paul, Paul, what have I done to deserve this insult? DVD?? DVD?????

    Haha, I'm aware of the DVD set and it's actually sitting on my self but I'd like the VHS cos I'm a VHS collector.

    Is it as rare? Well, I think all these underground VHS releases are rare and altho I must admit I haven't really done much legwork to find part 3 I just assume it's rare as I've never come across it (plus the fact that you're the second seller who has parts 1 & 2 but not 3).

  7. Code Name: Flash Japanese and Blazing Magnums look amazing and the covers are killer!

  8. Yah, most of these are available on dvd. I do like VHS though don't get me wrong, but it's hardly playable anymore. The stuff must be really worth it. Throw in some Seduction Cinema and Factory 2000 vhs ebay deals and I'll be sold.