Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Prepare, Greek Bearing Euro Gifts ...

February 2011

By Athena's great wisdom and Apollo's shinning light the eternal ethos of Ebay plays host to some Euro Action goodness from the Italian Masters of Explosive entertainment, snappy and Raty ! Horror, killer crocs and a double dose of street crime. All in all a Wild Team of Action that covers a great cross section of all that is highly enjoyable about the Euro / Italian genres from the last few decades.

Please do stop by Ebay and check out my latest batch of Original VHS Tapes. All of these particular Greek Tapes are of the best quality, and considering the all too familiar low grade and inconsistent quality regularly associated with the Greek tapes, these are amongst the best releases and all come in sturdy large boxes with some Cool insert art work.

A great cross section of Euro goodness.

Of the Eight Video Tapes up for grabs, six are Greek Original VHS Tapes All in English language, with Greek Subtitles. The two remaining tapes The Marseilles Connection and Sudden Justice are both UK PAL VHS Original Tapes, subtitle free and in English language.

Scans of the VHS insert covers as shown below are once again of the actual VHS that is on offer.

To all who take the time to check the Auctions out, Thank You. And to all who place a bid, and go on to become the winning bidder ... Thank You Very Much :) .




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