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Barry Prima The Warrior Supreme ...

The Warrior & The Ninja Girl

‘‘You cannot get away. No matter where you may hide’’

Barry Prima reprises his role as Jaka Sembung, the righteous representation of good, returning in a sequel to the original 1981 cult Indonesian Action fantasy The Warrior.

The Warrior strives on in the fight for his people against the Dutch imperialist oppressors of his beloved country. The tyrannous invaders rape and plunder the land, making the meek farmers their slaves. Now the time has come for the people to rebel. Some join with the Dutch enemy, they in turn oppressing their own kind. These traitors will not be forgotten, and will never be forgiven. This then is an era for new heroes to rise up. This is the time of Black Squirrel, the ninja girl !.

Jaka Sembung’s village is decimated by a close by volcano as it suddenly erupts. All the residents flee for their lives. From within its fiery furnace emerges an imprisoned warrior, his bodied impervious to the molten heat. He has spent many years exiled in this place. His past misdemeanours, as an exactor of ill gotten deeds, brought to a halt by his nemesis and teacher of Jaka Sembung. This Ox of a man is known as Iron Man, his very fabric forged like iron. His flesh and bone all but impregnable by weapons. Free from his volcanic internment he seeks revenge upon Jaka Sembung’s master and will stomp his way through anything or anyone that stands in his way.

The Dutch overlords sit at the same table as their affluent Indonesian dictators. When night falls the Black Squirrel comes to dine upon their riches. Using all of her well honed ninja skills she is able to climb trees and scale walls, slipping in unnoticed through building windows and helping herself to the riches of the corrupt. The opulent chattels are put to very good use in funding the rebel cause, and as food and medicine for the poor. Her actions are that of an Asian Robin Hood.

With each nightly forage Black Squirrel risks all and the governor of the main village increases his manpower, along with setting many an intricate trap to capture this thorn in his side. On a night that indeed proves to be almost impossibly insurmountable for this ninja girl, she is aided in her escape by the recently arrived Jaka Sembung. They forge a bond in common plight against the oppressive regime from here on in, and the fights and fantastical enactments play out in typically wild Indonesian insanity.

Many a clash against the Dutch and their suckling pig brethren plays out. Wild displays of kung fu is decorated by the garish red expunction of severed throats, and loped off limbs, chopped from multitudes of soldiers bloodied in the battle. Sword blades thrust into throats and slice into stomachs as the acrobatic ninja girl agilely displays what she does best.

Jaka Sembung squares off against Iron Man, commissioned for the despicable cause by the Dutch aligned Indonesian governor, and their coming together proves to be a highlight of the movie. Visibly outmatched by the seemingly invincible Iron Man Jaka Sembung must use his superior guile in order to overcome the impossible. In with a sniff of a chance the warrior may have smelt Iron Man’s Achilles heel!.

Teaming up Ninja Girl with The Warrior proves to be a successful on screen combination as the Action come twice as fast and is double the Fun. They assist each other out of situations that alone may have proven to be their individual downfall. Jaka Sembung’s rescue from the torture chamber of his captors, three quarters of the way into the movie, is high energy value for money viewing. Splayed across a wrack, with a mighty swinging blade just inches above him, is straight out of The Pit And The Pendulum (1961). Black Squirrels advances to free him are countered by perilous traps !.

In grand old finale tradition with these fantastical Indonesian pictures it all climaxes in majestic fashion with a right royal round house fight to the death. The bad guys best, imbued of their super enhanced abilities, up against The Black Squirrel, Jaka Sembung and the unyielding rebels. All going toe to toe in a battle that has its fair share of gory demises to relish. Amazing stuff, and in the very best of conclusive movie tradition, Jaka Sembung gets to return in future sequels, as The Warrior lives to fight another day.

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Movie Rating: 6/10

Review Paul Cooke / Source Greek PAL VHS

The Warrior And The Ninja Girl (1985)

Director H. Tjut Djalil
With Barry Prima, El Manik, Rita Zahara,
Syamsuri Kaempuan, Tizar Purbaya,
Piet Pagau & Zurmainy Terry   


  1. Excellent Review. I will put this on a list of movies to buy!

  2. Thanks Ty. More Indonesian madcap mystical mayhem Reviews to follow :) .