Monday, 20 December 2010

Seasons Best Wishes ...

A Very Merry Christmas
& A Happy New Year

To All The Die Hard Action Fans
And Friends & Followers Of

Ballistic Blood Bullets

Thank you one and all for your support and continued readership. Here's looking forward to a Filmtastic 2011 where even more huts will explode, scenery will be chewed up & quirky one line delivery dialogue will send us into fits of hysterics.

The mystical worlds of Asian film to thrill and astonish, and the mind bending banality that is Indonesian cinema to perplex and dumfound in equal measures of delirious wonderment. To amaze and flabbergast even the most seasoned of viewer.

Be safe, be well, be good, and be kind to one another.



  1. Happy I found your site! Looking forward to what you'll review in 2011!

  2. Pleased to have you on board Ty, and I am equally pleased that I discovered your Blog. Keep the good word coming in 2011 with your material also. Happy Christmas :) .

  3. I've said it off blog but lemme just repeat it here as well; Merry Xmas and here's to hopefully yet another cool year with the Ballistic Blood Bullets blog! I'm sometimes slow at getting back to people (so shoot me like an exploding hut) but I'm definitely happy to have "met" you and David Z!

  4. Jack you are a giant atop the Internet Beanstalk of movie goodness & it is a pleasure to know you too. A very Merry Christmas & a Fantastic New Year.
    For Jack Goodness take a Goosy Gander at Both:

    For safety reasons however please do not feed Jack after midnight & do not offer him water & keep out of sunlight. Grocery paper bags are most welcome though :) .