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Filmark Get Set, Tomas Tango ...

Battle For The Treasure
(1988/Hong Kong/Thailand)

‘‘There’s only one way to deal with this situation, and that’s my way !’’

A priceless jade jewel, representing the imperial power of the Kamir Dynasty, is the National Treasure of Kampuchea and is sought by the Vietcong. The treasure must be returned to the Kampuchean Princess Yeung as it represents the life force of the Kampuchean people. An elite team of American special forces retrieve the gem and act to get it safely out of the country until after the war, to then return it to its rightful owner.
After an opening fracas, that sees the American force attacked by the Vietcong, the jade jewel is hidden away by one of the assisting Kampuchean fighters. The loyalist to the princess and the Kampuchean people is however taken prisoner, and tortured for information about the gems hiding place. Back in the urban city the surviving American soldiers seek help in the form of Roger Kane, the number one cop in the Kampuchean force. He is introduced James Bond style, as he assists the local police in staving off a hostage situation, entering the fray by jet pack. He’s a hero with a head for heights and a back pack that is kitted out with quick firing weaponry. The perfect man to assist in procuring the National Treasure and safeguarding the Kampuchean princess.

The Vietcong leader, known as Gibbs, holds prisoner the only man with knowledge of the jades whereabouts, and in order to get him to talk audaciously sends an under cover team to abduct Princess Yeung. Roger Kane and team are soon in the thick of it and find themselves having to immediately act to rescue the princess. Kane takes to the sky in a micro-light aeroplane, giving chase to the kidnappers escaping by train. The thrilling escapade gathers momentum as the chase continues both over land and water. Very well staged Action by the stunt coordinators, setting the stall out early for more of the same to come. The highlight of which is a multiple micro-light sky battle with guns, that extends down into a fully fledged ground battle involving hand combat, sword crossing, and a bullet ballet that includes a bad guy with a rocket launcher. At one point even a harpoon is deployed to stop dead in his tracks one of Gibbs right hand men. Now that really hit’s the spot !.

The frequent full on battles are the sustenance of the movie, as bazooka bearing baddies slug it out with kick ass girls with guns as well as the unflappable Roger Kane and crew, stealing thunder and striking like lightening against Gibbs and his organised bandits. This is most definitely your typical Action laden Tomas Tang produced shebang !.
Kane and his team align with the Special Action Group in order to rescue the princess and regain the National Treasure which has been uncovered by Gibbs dastardly means. The team set about infiltrating, and ultimately storming the Vietcong jungle base in order to achieve their objectives.
The inevitable all out final battle ensues, resulting in more crowd pleasing entertainment filled with gun Action, stunts aplenty, and some stylish slow motion sequences that showcase the on screen conflicts and mass destruction majestically. Jaws will drop and smiles will ensue as Roger Kane once again takes to the sky via a jet propulsion pack, kitted up with ammunition to spare as he strikes from above.
This is explosive entertainment all the way, and just when you are left breathless at all the on screen Action there’s a double dose to surprise at the end. It’s yet another highly enjoyable, silly excursion from the Filmark studio, and to top it all this one has a ‘‘You’ve got to be kidding’’ showdown, with an elephant against a helicopter !.
The names Tang, Tomas Tang !.

Movie Rating: 8/10
Review: Paul Cooke / Source Japanese NTSC VHS
Battle For The Treasure (1988)
Directed by Burt Peterson
With Joey Ryan, Randy Donner, Bert Brooks,
Stephene Mitchell, Norman Linn, Pat Carver,
Ted Evans & Tom Richards


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