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Firebird Conspiracy

‘‘If you fail, never come back !’’

Firebird, a microfilm containing indicting information of American forces corruption in Vietnam, and a damning document to shock the Whitehouse and embarrass the President of the United States Of America, is subject to conjecture as to existence and location toward the end of the Vietnam war. The Pentagon and the C.I.A want to recover the microfilm, even though the official word on the subject is that it is nothing more than a tool of propaganda.

A small detachment of American soldiers led by Captain Beck must baby sit an important Vietnamese chief diplomat, travelling with his young daughter and pet dog !. The chief being the man who may or may not just so happen to be transporting the Firebird microfilm !?. Along with a female reporter Captain Beck and his loyal men have their work cut out for them, particularly as their path to the border is through Vietcong jungle territory. This is where the rumble in the jungle takes no prisoners !.

It is not long before Beck’s convoy is set upon and what follows in quick succession are multiple incursions resulting in severed limbs, bloodied stumps, and casualties all about as mortar attacks fire in from all around. Helicopters swerve and weave to bring assistance to no great avail and the explosive Action quota fills the screen with realistic effect.

Fleeing the encroaching Vietcong force Captain Beck leads his party through the perilous jungle, which takes victims of its own as some fall prey to the multiple death traps along the way. Swinging spikes of death flail through surprised victims with lethal accuracy, with a resultant residue synonymous with the blood letting witnessed in the infamous earlier produced cannibal movies. Whenever the Action kicks into top gear the body count rises, and here the film makers spare no one as both women and children get caught up in the scenes of death deliverance along with male counterparts.

There is an unusually high quota of sexual soft core material here. The female form is displayed with little reservation, and the soldiers waste no time in raising their American flags !.

With the Vietcong hot on their heels Captain Beck and his now rag tag party of diminishing numbers meet up with a small unit of Navy Seals, sent in to retrieve them by the American military. It’s no plane sailing though as the ramshackle Vietnamese junk they attempt to flee by water to the border is little match for the might of the Vietcong resources. The odds against Captain Beck and those under his protection become overwhelming and the astonishing revelations surrounding the Firebird bring about even more testing situations to contend with.

This is forward thrusting film making at its most refreshingly entertaining. Well staged big Action scenes deliver the goods by the handful, and the level of realistic ‘NC17’ rated situations of death and adult themes make this stand out from the abundance of similarly themed genre movies. The conclusion to Firebird Conspiracy is a corker, and unravels a couple of original twists and turns to highlight the refreshing originality of this well made Asian Action Adventure flick.

Review Paul Cooke / Source Japanese NTSC VHS

Firebird Conspiracy
1987 F. Puzon Film Enterprises, Inc
Director Vittorio De Romero
With Warren Fleming, Bianca DeLorean, Stephen Douglas,
Patrick Burton, James Corman & Mike Monty

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